St. George’s and Homemade Healthy “Lunchables”

The Unfinished Church in St. George's, Bermuda

While visiting St. George’s in Bermuda I found myself in the unusual (for me) position of not hauling around little containers of snacks, fruit, treats, wipes, utensils in my bag – just water!  It was a giddy, freeing experience, but when lunch time rolled around, it was time to improvise.

We were in a party of fourteen, and instead of spending a long time in a restaurant, we decided it’d be easier to just go to the local supermarket and get lunches for an impromptu picnic in the plaza. We were the only tourists in the store, and it was fun to see what Bermudians eat.  My husband and son were pretty excited about the fabulous English candy selection there (Smarties, Minstrels, etc.) that we don’t see back home.

While I was trying to figure out what to feed my son, he eyed a package of LunchablesPlease???? he said, beseechingly.

It’s definitely never been on my grocery list before, and he had never tasted one in his life, but he was already brainwashed by the commercials he had seen (ah, the power of advertising…).

I bought him one with the understanding that it was never going to happen again.

Of course, he loved them and scarfed them down.

Now with the onset of school around the corner, portable lunch ideas are on the mind again.  One of them will be Healthy Homemade Lunchables.  Ever since we got back home, it’s become on of his favorite lunches.  Instead of food products with scary ingredient lists, though, I make them with Trader Joe’s Multigrain tortillas, nitrate free smoked ham, and organic sliced cheese.  They are easy to make – just cut out shapes with a small cookie cutter.  Voila! Healthy Lunchables.

Any lunchmeat and cheese slices would work.  Sometimes I vary the cookie cutter shapes.  I think why they are so appealing to kids is that they get to make the mini sandwiches themselves, and mini food, in general,  is cute. 🙂

Jamie loves to make mini “Shaggy and Scooby style” multi-decker sandwiches to pop into his mouth.

Surprise a kid in your life with some of these Healthy Lunchables in their lunchbox – or better yet – have them help you cut out the shapes!

Healthy Homemade Lunchables
1 large multi-grain or other flavor tortilla

1-2 slices of cheese

1-2 slices of deli meat

  1. Cut out shapes with cookie cutter
  2. Pack or serve.


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12 responses to “St. George’s and Homemade Healthy “Lunchables”

  1. wow , great post for me , thanks for sharing !

  2. sorry , the last post.

    article is great. thanks for sharing again

  3. How cute! You’re such a cool mom. 🙂

  4. OMG!!! You are a super, awesome mom!! I love that you made them from Trader Joes! Fun and Healthy.. That’s so brilliant. xoxo

  5. Rick

    That is such a good idea! Those were always so good and convient, yet they were terribly unhealthy. Now it is the best of both worlds.

  6. What a fun and simple idea! Will try for school lunch!

  7. Those are adorable! Fuzz isn’t much of a sandwich fan, but she likes eating the components separately (except the bread) and she does like tortillas. I’ll have to give this a try.

  8. How funny! Jamie tends to do that too (not a big bread fan), but he likes the tortillas. Usually it’s the bread that kids love.

  9. What a great idea…my kids are in their twenties and would still love it 🙂

  10. Sheri

    Sadly, my little guy doesn’t like homemade ones, even when they look the same, minus the crud, thankfully i let my older have one , like you and he HATED it, thought it was the grossest thing, yet, every year or so would re ask for them, and i reminded him ho gross the tasted and how fake the food is, read the side of a pizza one- not real cheese or pepperoni, the sauce is a chemistry experiment , yuck

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