Soup Day Release and Giveaway

Finally the day has come — my book is officially released today by Henry Holt!!

It’s the first book that I’ve both written and illustrated, so it is like my baby.  It’s a very personal piece because it brings together my two passions:  cooking and art.  Also, it’s inspired by my experiences cooking with Jamie, which is a lot of what this blog is about.

I think cooking can enrich kids’ lives so much.  Not only does cooking encourage kids to count, measure, and plan, it gives them a sense of empowerment and self-confidence.   That’s how I get my son to eat certain foods he might not otherwise eat.  If he’s part of the process, he’s more open to eating what he helped to make.

Having the skill of cooking and knowledge about food and nutrition gives them the ability in the future to  choose between making and eating good food over always buying and eating ready made not so good food!

Cooking together is like doing an art project or craft together– both entail a bit of planning — a recipe if you will — but there is a lot of experimenting that goes on along the way.  You might adjust the seasonings, change some ingredients or amounts — and you always end up with something new and unique.  I love that.  And that best part is eating it together.  It’s such a bonding experience.  That’s why I wrote Soup Day and what I hope it inspires. 🙂

If you know a young chef in your life — this is a great book for them!  It is available in stores and online.  I have already written the sequel (Pizza Day), and am required to sell a lot of copies of Soup Day in order to make that happen!  So your support is valuable to me!

I will also celebrate the official Henry Holt release by giving away a personalized autographed copy (you can tell me whom to autograph it to and I will also draw a picture for the recipient) to a randomly picked winner.

To enter, do one or all (to increase your chances) of the following:

1.  Leave a comment and let me know how you get your kids involved in cooking or what your favorite memory of cooking as a kid is.


2.  Tweet about this giveaway and follow me on Twitter


3.  Follow me on Facebook and leave me a comment about it.

Contest is open until October 4th (next Monday).

Thanks for your support!



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22 responses to “Soup Day Release and Giveaway

  1. Congratulations! The pictures in “Soup Day” are perfect! My kids like to help wash the vegetables and peeling carrots. Or, if we’re baking, they are my stirrers.

  2. Martha

    Dear Melissa,

    The book looks absolutely enchanting and an inspiration. I shall definitely think of it first when planning a present to a young family!

    Merci! Martha

  3. Sabrina DaLomba

    What a fun concept! Congratulations on the release! My son, Kingston, loves to cook with my culinary husband. It also helps that he works for Whole Foods! It is very empowering for him and he wants to be the President’s chef when he grows up! His favorite is SOUP because it is so open to possibilities – it’s a great way to clean out the pantry & refrigerator, even if it’s not always actually edible!

  4. Suburban Prep

    My nieces and nephews love to pull the chair up to the counter as I am making something. They feel like they have made the product when in reality they get messy. But it is fun no matter.

  5. ana engelberg (zepeda)

    Congrats! We share the same passions… I will totally support you! I knew you would do great things! 🙂 OK so where do I purchase???

  6. Wendy

    Hi Melissa! Love the book – will be buying some for Christmas presents since my kids are older now. One friend asked whether your book talks about adoption at all? (She asked because the mom and child shown don’t appear to be biologically related in the illustrations.) She has an adopted daughter and was drawn to the illustrations because of that.

  7. Melissa,
    This is absolutely beautiful! I would love to win a copy!! My girls would “eat” it up. Haha.
    I’ll also be telling all my friends about this new book. Perfect Holiday present too.

  8. Kate R

    I am so excited about this book I can’t wait to share it with my brother and sister. I have been inspired by your collage/illustrations and have attempted a few of my own.
    I really hope Pizza Day becomes a published reality!

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  10. Joanna

    All three of my kids love to work in the kitchen. We are a homeschool family so use the kitchen ALL the time in our reading, math and science lessons. But Noah, my four year-old, loves being in the kitchen the most and has loved it since he was big enough to crawl up on a chair to help. He’d love to read your book and have it for his own(especially since he’s the youngest and gets LOTS of hand-me-downs 🙂 Your book is beautiful and looks like lots of fun to read. Congratulations! 🙂

  11. Joanna

    I’m now a follower on facebook too. 🙂

  12. Congratulations Melissa, that’s really exciting!! I have my boys cook with me as well. We also offer up a small dessert for those that try everything on their plate. It’s worked well and I’m proud that my boys will eat most of what I serve them and will make healthy choices when given the chance.

    I’ve retweeted your giveaway for you and will definitely be picking up a copy of your book!

  13. Thanks you guys! Love hearing the stories about your kids cooking!

    Wendy– to answer your question – yes! I’m glad she caught that. I didn’t want to hit anyone over the head about it, but yes, I did intend the daughter to be adopted.

    Growing up as an Asian-American here (in California), I remember there were never many examples in books or media that showed Asians unless it was an “ASIAN” thing, like a commercial for La Choy noodles. And in books, there were few unless it was an old Japanese folk tale or something.

    Nowadays, it’s different, thank goodness, but I noticed that there is not much in children’s literature still, unless the book is specifically about Asians (except in educational books — they are required to show diversity). Also, I noticed that there aren’t many bi-racial families depicted unless it is a book about adoption, so I wanted to include that in my book. But I didn’t want to be preachy about it or make it the focus. In our neighborhood (and in my family) there are adopted kids, so I just wanted to provide something out there that shows they are being represented. 🙂

  14. Looks GREAT Melissa! I think we share an editor, I am doing a book with Christy O too. Congratulations!

  15. My daughter loves to bake with me – especially cutting out and decorating Christmas sugar cookies! Of course, we eat a lot of dough in the process 🙂

    I learned about your book from Alex Taylor. I’ll buy one even if I don’t win!

    • Alex Taylor

      Melissa – Thank you for looking up Melissa”s book. I have so many Melissa’s in our lives and I glad two of you have connected.

      Melissa I. We of course love all your books and your recipes. The boys love to bake but I think eat more of the cookie dough then anything else. The last few weeks they have made their “own recipes” one was so bad -Matthew needed to toss it right away.

      Can’t wait to buy the book and try the recipies.

  16. What a gorgeous looking book! I can’t decide if I’m more excited about sharing this book with my kids (since we have many soup days) or with my Ready 2 Read kids (volunteer library program). Congratulations!

  17. Hello! I wish you success and that your page be blessed with greats stories and posts.

    May your days Be sweet like honey,


  18. Jessica

    Congratulations Melissa! The book is beautiful. And I love the idea that you wanted to include a bi-racial/adopted family without it being about that topic. I’m looking forward to Pizza Day!

  19. Congratulations on your beautiful new book!

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