DIY Nagini (Lord Voldemort’s Serpent) Costume, Flesh Wounds, and Other Halloween Fun Stuff

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Copyright 2011 Melissa Iwai

I was never much of a Halloween person.  I don’t particularly enjoy dressing up.  I don’t eat a lot of candy.  Then ever since Jamie, I guess it’s become fun and exciting again.  We made Graveyard Cups the other day with leftover gingerbread I made into tombstones.  We used leftover fondant to make creepy creatures in the graveyard.

Gravestone says: RIP

On Saturday, we trudged in the snow to get a pumpkin at the Farmer’s Market only to find that they were packing up at 11:30 am (I didn’t blame them!), so we got a small one at Trader Joe’s instead.  To continue with my son’s obsession with all things Harry Potter, I carved a Harry Potter face (he drew the design beforehand).

Surprised Harry

I roasted the seeds from the pumpkin.  Yum!

I’ve also been dabbling in gory makeup techniques.  This guy has a great tutorial on making flesh wounds.  I didn’t have liquid latex and tried using liquid frisket which I use sometimes in my work.  It was perfect!  I layered frisket and thin pieces of torn tissue on my hand, letting it dry after each layer.  Then I cut out a wound with scissors.  I applied foundation and eye shadow to the area and filled the “wound” with fake blood.

Disgusting, eh?

I plan to make more on my face and be a flesh eaten zombie.

Jamie, on the other hand, decided awhile ago that he wanted to be Nagini, Lord Voldemort’s serpent.  I think it’s because he always loved the name.  Denis made up a song about her sung to the tune of the Hayden’s Surprise Symphony:

Malfoy’s Manor is the place

Where Nagini stuffs her face,

Doesn’t matter where you’re from

She will eat you up — yum!

Of course there’s no way I was going to find a Nagini costume to buy, so I made one for him out of a grey hoodie, a ping pong ball, and some felt.  You could easily make another kind of animal using the same technique — an alligator, lizard, even some mammals with some improvisation (e.g. adjusting color of hoodie and the felt and how you drew the eyes)!

He's also wearing grey sweat pants which we obviously need to retire!

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween! 🙂

DIY Nagini (Serpent) Costume

You’ll need:
– a hoodie






-sewing needle

-large piece of felt for the snake pattern

-white felt

-red felt

-1 ping pong ball

-thick needle

-yellow highlighting pen

-black marker

-a large

1.  Trace a snake pattern on paper that fits the spine of the hoodie.  I just did a simple diamond shape with stripes to go behind the eyes.

2.  Pin to a large piece of felt.  Cut out.  Sew onto spine of hoodie.

3.  Cut a ping pong ball in half.  Punch holes around bottom with a large needle.

Color ping pong balls with yellow highlighter.  Draw in pupils with a black marker.

4.  Sew “eyes”, threading through the holes you punched out, onto sides of the hood of the jacket.

5.  Cut out fangs out of white felt and a serpent’s tongue out of red felt.  Sew a pair on the top of the hood and a pair at the neck of the hood.  Sew on tongue in the middle of the top two fangs.

6.  If you’re up for it and you have another sweatshirt of the same color, make a long tail by cutting out a long size from the front of the sweatshirt.  Trim to size.  Cut out another diamond pattern from felt and sew onto tail.  Then sew tail onto the bottom of the hoodie.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

1.Preheat oven to 325 degrees

2. Rinse seeds in a colander under cold water.  Pat dry with paper towels.

3.  Line a baking sheet with Silpat, parchment paper, or foil.  Spray with non-stick spray.  Spread pumpkin seeds in one layer on sheet.  Spray again and sprinkle with salt, or other seasoning (chili powder, cumin, garlic salt might be good)

4.  Bake for about 20 minutes, stirring halfway.

5.  Transfer to a plate to cool — they crisp up in a few minutes.

Graveyard Cups (Based on Foodista’s)

1 package of instant Chocolate Pudding mix

About 10 Chocolate Wafer cookies or Oreos processed into crumbs in food processor

Gummy worms

Cookies for tombstones (in the original recipe, Milano cookies were used)

Optional:  Icing and Halloween candy creatures

1. Prepare pudding as instructed on box.

2. Spoon 2 tablespoons cookie crumbs in the bottom of four parfait glasses.

3. Spoon chocolate pudding on top (it is also fun to “bury” things in the pudding like the candies and the gummy worms).

4.  Spoon more cookie crumbs on top.  Insert cookie tombstone.  You can decorate it with icing.  Decorate rest of graveyard with candies.

Makes 4 graveyards.


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10 responses to “DIY Nagini (Lord Voldemort’s Serpent) Costume, Flesh Wounds, and Other Halloween Fun Stuff

  1. Love this post, Melissa. Your illustration is adorable and that flesh wound is masterfully disgusting :).

    Have fun tonight! Happy Halloween to Jamie.

  2. The flesh wound looks really cool!

  3. wow! you impress me! i love the gory wound! and all the effort you put into it! wow! hope halloween was fun. ours was pretty special!

  4. Oh this looks like you had a lot of fun creating as well as enjoying the celebrating with your family. Love the pic of you three. Thanks for sharing your creative skills in this post-well done.

  5. That is such an awesome costume! And I love the dirt cup!

  6. I was scrolling through your images and I thought that hand was real!

  7. Ha ha — I’m very proud at how realistic my hand wound turned out!

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