High Fiber Smoothies: From Dumbledore’s “Drink of Despair” to Strawberry Bliss

Strawberry Banana High Fiber Smoothie

These days with the end of school looming and book events (not to mention book deadlines!), I haven’t been cooking anything terribly new or exciting.  I haven’t been baking either.

For my birthday, this past Sunday, I told my husband I wanted to bake my own cake, but I ended up pressed for time and resorted to a box mix! (Hangs head in shame.)

This mix is actually quite good in a pinch. You can make single servings too — 2 tablespoons mix to 1 tablespoons plain yogurt — that’s it!

I don’t have a picture of the final, as it wasn’t particularly drool worthy, but it held the candles fine!


Quickie breakfasts have been smoothies.  There are so many great smoothie recipes out there, ranging from decadent and dessert-like to healthy green monsters made with kale.  Mine fall somewhere in the middle.

One ingredient I haven’t seen on other blogs which I use regularly in my smoothies is pysillium husk.  That’s right, people, the stuff in Metamuscil.

I buy it in raw, tasteless form at the healthy food store.

I originally tried it when I was pregnant and needed extra fiber.  I didn’t want the added sugar (I was a borderline gestational diabetic) or artificial sweeteners found in Metamuscil– it also has more fiber than Metamuscil (6.7 g unsoluble fiber to 3 g).

The downside is that it doesn’t dissolve as well in water.  And you have to drink a lot of water with it and FAST (or it turns into a gel before your gaping eyes).  The result is a nasty consistency of quicksand.

I used to gag it down as fast as humanly possible.  It was redubbed “my horcrux”, referring to the Drink of Despair in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

After giving birth, the psyllium husk stayed hidden away in the recesses of our cupboards for years.  It made a brief appearance when I tried to pass it onto a friend who was also pregnant with gestational diabetes.  She gave it back to me, saying it was impossible for her to ever drink it after trying once.

Cut to the present.  Ever since I received my beloved blender, I’ve been having smoothies almost every day.  Jamie loves them too, and we often make them for a play date snack.  I let them choose the ingredients. It’s fun to experiment.

I like really thick, creamy ones, and I’ve seen some versions made with a lot of ice and xanthan gum and guar gum to get this effect.  I couldn’t find the guar gum, and I didn’t like the xanthan gum alone, so I decided to try it with my old psyllium husk since it was still hanging out in the pantry.  I was pleasantly surprised by the results!  It thickens the smoothie beautifully.  It’s not “gummy” like the xanthun gum alone.  A side benefit is that it has all the extra fiber too.  So now, it’s become a regular ingredient in my morning smoothies.  I cannot believe it is the same evil “potion” I used to have to force myself to drink!

For my smoothies, I use:

about 3/4 cup liquid (milk, almond milk, water, juice, coconut milk, coconut water, etc.)

about 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup frozen fruit (banana, mango, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, grapes) or raw fruit (apple, orange, raspberries, etc.) or vegetable (baby spinach -haven’t tried kale yet!)

2-3 ice cubes, depending on how much frozen fruit I use

1 tablespoon raw psyllium husk powder

Other occasional extras are: cocoa powder, protein powder, roasted peanut flour, chia seeds, flax seeds, (though not a HUGE fan of using seeds, because bits still get stuck in my teeth even after blending), peanut butter, yogurt, Torani flavored syrups

I’ve also seen smoothies made with nuts (cashews soaked in milk, other nut butters), silken tofu, and avocado but I haven’t tried them yet!

My favorite breakfast smoothies these days are:

  • strawberry banana (with vanilla protein powder and stevia)
  • peanut butter chocolate (with peanut butter, peanut flour, cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, and stevia)
  • coconut pineapple (coconut milk, frozen pineapple chunks, dried coconut, vanilla protein powder)
  • creamsicle (orange juice, milk, Torani French Vanilla syrup, vanilla protein powder)

All are made with some ice and psyllium powder!

To make, put in the liquid first, then the powder(s), nuts and/or nut butters, and seeds, if using, then the fruit, and ice.  Blend until smooth and creamy.

Have fun experimenting! 🙂

This is Strawberry Banana with vanilla protein powder, Lactaid, water, ice, psyllium powder, and a pinch of stevia — Sooo creamy and delicious!


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23 responses to “High Fiber Smoothies: From Dumbledore’s “Drink of Despair” to Strawberry Bliss

  1. Love the Harry Potter reference.

  2. Haha, love the post title! And I might have to get some psyllium powder. I’m all about extra fiber, and extra thick and creamy smoothies sound good, too! Where’d you get your powder?

  3. That’s so funny about your drink of despair! I too, was borderline g/d with Bebe E and I took Benefiber mixed into broth and foods or with soy/almond milk. Bebe’s latest “treat” is Jamba Juice but we barely go twice a month because I think it has too much sugar. I’ve been thinking about making her homemade smoothies because my blender is easily within reach, but of course, I haven’t reached for it yet. Should I be bold and go buy this powder?!? I’m definitely motivated to start blending! 🙂

  4. If you can’t bake because of time my friend, this is definitely the next best idea – looks delish 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. i will have to check into the husk powder. i’m trying to fortify some of my baked good with fiber, vitamins, and whatnot. will need to do some research into what high temps will do to the supplements and stuff

    • If you click on the link in my post about the xanthan gum it will take you to Foods of April..She uses psyllium in baking. I’ve not tried it, so I can’t tell you what it’s like, but you might find it interesting!

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  7. Kathy E.

    I love the idea of this ingredient added to smoothies. (I have THAT problem too.) I imagine the powder can be found in any grocery store near the other supplements? Can you post the recipe for the smoothie your son loves?…I think it’s the Banana Chocolate that you mentioned on another post. I’d love that one too!

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  9. I enjoy, lead to I discovered just what I was looking for.

    You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye

  10. I just had a smoothie for breakfast today and my dad has been trying to get me to take psyllium husk powder (I gluten intolerant, and the powder can help with stomach sensitivities). I hate the powder alone but love smoothies… I think I might have to give this a go tomorrow 🙂

  11. nosharingplease

    I have a whole stack of Horlicks lying idle in my pantry. Would you know any recipes that can utilize it without being overly unhealthy?

  12. Isn’t Horlicks Malt Powder? We don’t get it here.
    But I bet you can use it in this — my favorite malt shake ever!!

  13. Hello, just wanted to say, I liked this blog post. It was practical.
    Keep on posting!

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  15. We love smoothies in our nest as well. i keep bananas in the freezer and throw one into the blender for an extra creamy shake. Happy blending!

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