High Protein Buttermilk Pancakes

high protein pancake stack

It has been a whole week since I’ve given up drinking caffeine!!  I am sleeping a lot better.   My head is not exploding by afternoon any more, and I don’t wake up at night with a tightness in my chest.  I do miss the taste of coffee though. I might try decaf. But for now, I think it is a good thing to be caffeine free.

In keeping with a healthy lifestyle, I’ve been lifting free weights on non-consecutive days for quite some time.  In addition to the physical benefits (less overall jiggle and stronger bones), I find it meditative and soothing to my brain.  I don’t listen to music or talk to anyone (too early in the morning to talk!)

I usually like to have a satisfying breakfast afterwards that’s made up of fats, protein, and carbs.  This weekend I had a craving for pancakes.  I have a great pancake recipe that was inspired by Truck Stop’s  Dan:

Diligent Dan orders pancakes with syrup and sausages!

Diligent Dan orders pancakes with syrup and sausages!

But this time, I wanted a more protein rich batch.  There are a ton of variations on the web.  This is my version.  I use buttermilk (for more flavor), less egg whites, and I add vanilla protein powder.  Sometimes baked goods with protein powder have a spongy texture that takes some getting used to.  But these protein pancakes have a great feel — not weird at all.  Quite amazing, actually.  I attribute it to the buttermilk and ground oats.  Here’s a recipe for one serving with nutritional information.  I could only eat four of the five though, and should have stopped at three.  They are very filling!

high protein pancake with pb

Especially when eaten with peanut butter!



You can freeze these by wrapping in saran wrap and storing in a ziploc bag, so you can have them quickly and easily on a week day too.  Wrap in a damp paper towel and microwave for about 55 seconds if frozen.

High Protein Buttermilk Pancakes

½ cup old fashioned oats

¼ of a banana, mashed

¼ cup butter milk

¼ teaspoon baking powder

dash of vanilla extract

3 egg whites (or 9 tablespoons of liquid whites)

½ scoop (18g) protein powder (I used French Vanilla Designer Whey Powder)

½ cup cottage cheese (I used my whipped version)

coconut oil, melted butter, or vegetable oil for greasing griddle

  1. Preheat griddle.
  2. Pulverize oats in blender.  Add remaining ingredients, except for oil.  Blend until completely smooth.
  3. Brush griddle with oil or melted butter.  Pour batter onto griddle to make 4-inch pancakes.  Flip when you see bubbles forming around edges.  Cook another minute or less until done.  Serve immediately.

Makes about five 4-inch pancakes.

Each pancake :                                              Full Recipe

Calories:           84.8                                        424

Fat:                  1.94  g                                        9.7 g

Sat. Fat:           1.06  g                                      5.3 g

Cholest:            10.1 mg                                  10.1mg

Protein:         10.48  g                                     52.4 g

Sodium:            143.5 mg                                717.7 mg

Carbs:              9.6 g                                         48.3 g

Fiber:               1 g                                              5.6 g

Sugars:          1.36   g                                        6.8 g


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17 responses to “High Protein Buttermilk Pancakes

  1. Yummy! I will give my pancakes a shot with coconut peanut butter. We love Pamela’s mix in our nest and blend it (without egg) with various fruits & veggies that happen to be in the fridge–usually zucchini and apples.

  2. Oooh, coconut peanut butter sounds lovely. Also, love the idea of adding other fruits in. 🙂

  3. Wonderful pancakes! Your last few posts have me really thinking about giving up coffee too. It would be a huge transition, and it seems to be a necessary move right now.

    • That’s interesting! IF you do, let me know how it goes. There are so many benefits to caffeine consumption — all of which my friend listed to me while trying to talk me out of it (lol). But I think different people are affected differently by it. In the short term, lack of sleep and heightened anxiety and physical discomfort trumped the benefits of reducing risks of Parkinson’s, Diabetes, etc., which I am not at risk for. Good luck!

  4. Oh wow! These look great. Especially with the peanut butter.

  5. Can’t wait to try this recipe!

    I’ve been caffeine- (and chocolate-) free for over two years and I love it! I almost never get sleepy during the day anymore, which is a nice perk. I did recently start drinking decaf coffee because I really missed it (more than chocolate), but I think it was nice to have a complete break.

    • I remember you mentioning that before, and I actually thought of you! 🙂 I haven’t been eating chocolate either. The weird thing is that I don’t even crave either! surprisingly, I have lost a couple of pounds since quitting. I’m wondering if I was over caffeinated and my cortisol levels were impeding fat loss. It can’t just be the creamer I don’t drink anymore. Then I wondered if it was related to no more Splenda either. Also no more sleep deprivation. Maybe a combination of all– We’ll see. It’s somehow connected to not craving sugar though. Did you experience this when you quit?

  6. I love bananas in the pancakes! Make them so fluffy and tasty!, I wish I could give up coffee,too..! I didn’t used to drink coffee at all,but from the time Anna was born I’m drinking 2 coffees almost every day!! One day,I’ll follow your example! 🙂

  7. kimetzel84

    Only 84 calories per pancake? That’s amazing!! And they look delicious too. I’ll have to try this recipe ASAP. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. kitchencatch

    these look good, and like a dream come true — but i have a question: do they taste strongly of protein powder? I don’t really like the flavor of various powders, but masking them is difficult. just wondering.

  9. I can see these pancakes in my week-end. Looking delish! Thanks for sharing. And, thanks for checking out my blog.

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